About us

Cure for ordinary

We are not a traditional marketing agency, rather a radically open creative collective. We follow trends and constantly trying to do something new. Ours. That’s the secret to our success.

Always active

New times bring constant change. To go with the times, we follow the changes that happen around the world. Our focus is always to identify cultural phenomena and align our brands with the cultural zeitgeist.

At the pace of culture

Our system of identifying so-called triggers in culture is significant for our client’s brands. We follow triggers in real-time and quickly assess further actions to increase the brand’s responsiveness and relevancy. Sometimes it is a single tweet or a PR stunt, the start of a campaign, or a new product development.

We hate boring

Once we define where a brand has a place in culture, it’s time to introduce it. Preferably in an asymmetrical suit and striped neon socks. Because we hate boredom.

Meet the Pirates

We are creative outlaws. We take a risk. We are changing the rules. We come up with bold ideas and take the helm of conventional ships.

We develop ideas that change jobs, redefine culture, and bring success to our clients.

Trendspotting on steroids

Fempowerment. The age of empathy. The rise of machines. Biohacking. These are just some of the 50+ cultural changes we have identified to help brands find their place in the culture.